アメリカ人フォトグラファー、トッド・ハイド(Todd Hido)の作品集。

— 初版『HOUSE HUNTING』(NAZRAELI PRESS, 2000)の作品紹介より抜粋

本書は、作者の代表作であり、希少性の高い初作品集『HOUSE HUNTING』を新たに編集し直した復刻版である。本書は現代の写真集の中でも最も影響力が高い作品の一つであり、かつ頻繁に引用されてきた重要な一冊である。刊行20周年を記念し、作者本人と緊密な協業のもと、原本を可能な限り忠実に再現しつつ新しい印象を与えるべく最新の印刷技術を用いて制作された。新版『HOUSE HUNTING』では、原本のデザインとフォーマットはそのままに、色味やトーン、彩度のニュアンスをさらに正確に再現。

本デラックス版に付属するプリントは、「HOUSE HUNTING」シリーズの多くを撮影したエリアで近年作者が撮影したイメージを採用。展覧会で使用するプリントと同等の品質で制作されている。プリントにはサインとナンバリングが入り、書籍にもサインが記されている。


“Todd Hido’s large color photographs of suburbia are lonely, forlorn, mysterious… and strangely comforting. Hido photographs the interior rooms of repossessed tract homes, and the outsides of similar houses at night whose habitation is suggested by the glow of a television set or unseen overhead bulb. Seldom does the similar evoke such melancholy. Yet rather than passing judgment on his anonymous subjects, Hido manages to turn the banal into something beautiful, imbuing his prints of interiors with soft pastels, and allowing the exteriors to glow in the cool evening air.”
— From description of the first printing of House Hunting, announced in 2000, NAZRAELI PRESS

A newly remastered edition of Todd Hido’s iconic and highly sought-after first monograph, House Hunting. To celebrate the upcoming 20th anniversary of this important book – certainly one of the most influential and oft-cited photography monographs of our time – we have collaborated closely with the artist to achieve a new impression of the highest possible fidelity. Printed on heavy weight matte art paper, using cutting-edge technologies in both the pre-press and production phases, this new edition of House Hunting stays true to the original design and format while delivering even more accurate color rendition and nuances in tone and saturation. It will be a welcome addition to collections lacking access to the very scarce original printings; and to those fortunate enough to own a copy of the original edition, it further illuminates the images themselves that first catapulted the artist and his first monograph to fame.

The original photograph accompanying the Deluxe Edition is a recent image by Todd Hido. The image was made in the same neighbourhood that Hido photographed for much of the House Hunting series. The exhibition-quality print measures approximately 14 x 17 inches. It is numbered and signed by the artist on the verso, and presented with a signed copy of the book in a clamshell box.

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by Todd Hido

REGULAR PRICE ¥242,000  (tax incl.)

hardcover in a clamshell box
including a print signed and numbered by Todd Hido
paper: approx 356 x 432 mm

56 pages
356 x 432 mm
limited edition of 25 copies


published by NAZRAELI PRESS