MOO by Tomoo Gokita

日本人アーティスト、五木田智央の作品集。2020年8月から9月にかけて「TAKA ISHII GALLERY(complex665)」で開催された展覧会「MOO」に伴い刊行された展覧会図録。

本書は、作者が同展に て発表したキャンバスにアクリル絵の具とパステルで多様な画題が描かれたペインティング作品と、展示風景にて構成されている。自らの技術やスタイルにとどまることなく、常に新たな領域へと挑戦し表現の幅を広げる作者のさらなる進化を窺い取ることができる1 冊。




記事:Features | Tomoo Gokita: MOO
五木田智央 × 鈴木聖  対談インタビュー(Fun Palace)
(Japanese & English text)

This book features the exhibition “MOO” held in August 2020 at Taka Ishii Gallery, including Gokita’s works made in color with acrylics and pastels to address a variety of subjects as well as installation views. This introduces his style and technique which continues to evolve as he perennially pushes his practice in new directions.

from Exhibition Press Release:
Taka Ishii Gallery is pleased to present “MOO”, an exhibition of works by Tomoo Gokita from Aug 28 to Sep 26. This exhibition marks Gokita’s fifth solo presentation with Taka Ishii Gallery since his previous showing three years ago, and features, for the first time in Japan, new color paintings exclusively.

Since the 2000 publication of his first book Lingerie Wrestling, Tomoo Gokita has won many fans with his acclaimed drawings and black and white gouache paintings. Gokita has also exhibited his works abroad to strong accolade. His style and technique continue to evolve as he perennially pushes his practice in new directions. Although he is best known for his black and white works, he has in fact employed a rich array of visual vocabulary to produce a variety of pieces including series of blue paintings, stenciled works, collages, and sculptures. From the start of 2020, Gokita has been making color paintings; his solo exhibition held in Italy in March consisted exclusively of color works.

The exhibition “MOO” will feature Gokita’s latest works made in color on canvas with acrylics and pastels. In the past, Gokita’s works were inspired by old foreign magazines, photographs, and other printed matter. The latest works featured in this exhibition have no reference. Their imagery is based instead on crossings between the artist’s experience and memory and forms created by chance. In these new pieces, Gokita uses a soft tone and unique palette to address a variety of subjects. The paintings combine seemingly effortless expression and rich textures to suggest an evolutionary step in the artist’s oeuvre. The fruitful transformations that Gokita gracefully achieves by altering material and process also highlight the unwavering essence of his practice. We sincerely hope that you will take this opportunity to view Gokita’s very impressive latest series of works.

by Tomoo Gokita

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64 pages
326 x 250 mm
color, black and white
limited edition of 1,000 copies