SCHOOL OF ART by Matthew Finn

イギリス人フォトグラファー、マシュー・フィン(Matthew Finn)の作品集。「クール・ブリタニア」が絶頂に達した1997年。街にはブリット・ポップが絶え間なく流れ、労働党の新政府が発足したばかりで、何世代にも渡ってイギリス人たちが感じたことのない確かな希望が感じられる時期だった。その頃作者は大学を出たての24歳で、ロンドン郊外のアートスクールで教え始めたところだった。その後数年に渡り作者は、学生たちと学校の写真を撮り続けた。



In 1997 “Cool Britannia” was at its height. Brit pop was flooding the airwaves, a new Labour government took power, and a sense of hope that had not been felt for a generation was palpable. British photographer Matthew Finn was 24, had recently graduated, and took a job at a School of Art in the outskirts of London. Over the coming year he photographed the students and the school itself.

It was last decade before cell phones and social media, we discussed, argued and tried things out, not because we were told to but be cause we wanted to. Everything seemed possible.” - Matthew Finn

We were able to expand our creativity in any direction we wanted. Hot boxing the car in the car park at lunch then going into class to swirl paint around a canvas. Chain smoking, listening to Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam on loop on the communal tape to tape deck, skateboarding in the corridors, mushrooms in the street, paper mache boobs, tampon sculptures, I can’t imagine any other form of education being that life changing.” - School of Art Student

by Matthew Finn

REGULAR PRICE ¥6,600  (tax incl.)

120 pages
250 x 200 mm
black and white

published by STANLEY/BARKER