CONTACT HIGH by D’Angelo Lovell Williams [SIGNED]

アメリカ人フォトグラファー、アーティストのダンジェロ・ロベル・ウィリアムズ(D’Angelo Lovell Williams)の作品集。本書はアーティストブックであると同時に、作者のこれまでの作品を包括的に探究した一冊で、欲望の視覚化と黒人の身体の描写に幅広く取り組んでいる。作者による物語性を持ったイメージは、黒人のクィアの人々がお互いの生活の中でどのように存在するか、また歴史的に存在してきたか、その様々な形を、シッターや恋人、ケアワーカー、あるいは影として描くことで表現している。これらの人々の人生経験や物の見方に対する疑問、より幅広く人種や階級、セクシュアリティ、ジェンダー、そして親密さの表現にまつわる問いかけによって作者の制作は導かれている。本書のタイトルとなっている「Contact High」は、作者の作品における触れることやジェスチャーの重要性に言及すると同時に、感覚の高まりや直感的な身振りを暗示している。


Both an artist’s book and comprehensive inquisition of D’Angelo Lovell Williams’s work to date, Contact High offers an expansive engagement with the visualisation of desire and depiction of the Black body. Williams’s narrative images reflect the many forms in which Black queer people exist and have existed historically within each other’s lives, picturing them as sitters, lovers, caregivers, or shadows. Williams’s work is guided by their life experience and an interrogation of their own perspective, as well as wider questions around the representation of race, class, sexuality, gender, and intimacy. The title Contact High references the importance of touch and gesture in Williams‘s work, and alludes to heightened senses and intuitive movement.

From self-portraits to collaborations with community, Williams’s photographs visualise the Black body in performative scenes that are theatrical, dance-like, and occasionally mundane, pointing towards collective histories and Black ancestral practices. At the heart of these intimate, dialogic images are notions of kinship and spirituality interweaved with quietly political and radical gestures. Williams’s unfaltering gaze insists on visibility and deference, and creates scenes in which Black and queer voices are the authority. The dynamics that play out between families, cultures, friends, lovers, ancestors and descendants are visualised as a spectrum of care, tenderness, and vulnerability, speaking to the nuances of our complex lives often overlooked by historical depictions.

by D’Angelo Lovell Williams

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104 pages
230 x 278 mm


shortlist of the Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards 2022 - the First PhotoBook Prize

published by MACK