TRUTH TABLE by Adrian Saue

ドイツ人アーティスト、フォトグラファーであるエイドリアン・ザウアー(Adrian Sauer)の作品集。作者はデジタル化が写真に与えた影響と、そのことがもたらす変化に焦点を当てている。自ら作成したコンピュータ・プログラムを用い、写真の機能性を検証し、写真が依然として現実を写し出す信頼できる公平な手段であるとどこまでみなせるか考察する。

本作は、リネケ・ダイクストラ(Rineke Dijkstra)、ボリス・ミハイロフ(Boris Mikhailov)、マーサ・ロスラー(Martha Rosler)らが過去授与された「スペクトル国際写真賞(SPECTRUM International Prize for Photography)」受賞作である。

Artist Adrian Sauer focuses on the impact that digitization has had on photography and the changes it has wrought: with the help of computer programs he has written himself, Sauer examines photographic functionality and considers the extent to which photography can still be regarded as a reliable and impartial means of mapping reality. This theme also features in his project Truth Table, which is based on the truth tables used in mathematics to check the substance of logical statements. Truth Table
alludes to a binary pattern of thinking in which information is sorted into mutually exclusive categories – similar to binary code, in which the only options are 0 and 1, with nothing in between. Binary codes are used to represent and process information in digital form. Adrian Sauer’s photographic work will be honoured this autumn with the award of Stiftung Niedersachsen’s prestigious SPECTRUM International Prize for Photography, whose previous recipients include Rineke Dijkstra, Boris Mikhailov, and Marta Rosler.

by Adrian Sauer

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224 pages
240 x 300 mm
color, black and white

published by SPECTOR BOOKS