DI SGUINCIO, 1969–81 by Guido Guidi

イタリア・チェゼーナ出身のフォトグラファー、グイド・グイディ(Guido Guidi)の作品集。タイトル「Di sguincio」は、斜めに、横目で、視界の片隅でちらりと覗くことを意味する。本書は、1969年から1981年までに作者がスモールフォーマットカメラで撮影した100枚以上もの白黒写真をまとめた一冊であり、作者とカメラとの間で交わされた、初期の実験的な対話の記録である。ファインダーを覗かずに強いフラッシュをたき、人物や身体、しぐさ、ささいな出来事、突然の、そして不快感をも抱くような出会いの瞬間の中に見える空間の欠片さえも撮影している。形としては飾り気がなくむしろ抽象的とも言えるが、チェゼーナの実家、トレヴィーゾのアパートのルームメイトだった友人、ヴェネツィア建築大学時代の同級生など身近な人々や場所を記録している。そして、そのような深い愛情がこめられた個人的な作品群の核の部分では、パフォーマンスとしての緊張感を探求している。


Di sguincio – meaning aslant, asquint, or seen from the corner of an eye – brings together more than a hundred black-and-white photographs made by Guido Guidi with small-format cameras between 1969 and 1981. These images record experimental early dialogues between Guidi and his camera: made without looking through the viewfinder and lit with a bright flash, they capture people, bodies, gestures, minor events, and fragments of space in moments of sudden and even abrasive encounter. While formally stark and even verging on the abstract, they document people and places close at hand – his family home in Cesena; friends with whom he shared an apartment in Treviso; colleagues at the Institute of Architecture at the University of Venice – forming affectionate personal works which explore the performative tension at the heart of images.

This book reproduces Guidi’s own prints from the period, with their high contrast, unusual blurring and definition, and oblique, occasionally indiscernible handwritten annotations. Evoking the joys of invention and collaboration early in an artistic career, these fragments equally reflect the psychological, social, and political turmoil of Italy in an era of crisis and contestation of social values, metabolising the influences of neorealism and postmodernism in the search for new forms. The fundamental photographic theme of time – as it is recorded, experienced, and manipulated – is their elusive constant. With Di sguincio, we discover a set of anti-documents or anachronistic records – stamped, annotated, and sometimes artificially aged – which comment wryly on photography’s claims to truth and reveal the foundations of a lifelong engagement with the possibilities of the medium.

by Guido Guidi

REGULAR PRICE ¥11,000  (tax incl.)

144 pages
300 x 240 mm
black and white

published by MACK