JANNIS KOUNELLIS by Jannis Kounellis

ギリシャ人アーティストのヤニス・クネリス(Jannis Kounellis)の作品集。本書は、2016年にロンドンのギャラリー「ホワイト・キューブ・メイソンズヤード(White Cube Mason's Yard)」にて開催された展覧会に伴い刊行された。


作者と協同で構想され記録された、互い違いに作品を配置したインスタレーションの写真、作品自体の写真、アーカイブ写真を掲載。それに加え、1967年に「アルテ・ポーヴェラ(Arte Povera / 貧しい芸術)」という言葉と理論を生み出し、またそれに関する多くの重要なテキストを執筆したイタリア人美術史家、批評家、キュレーターのジェルマーノ・チェラント(Germano Celant)がエッセイを寄稿している。また、「ユニヴァーシティ・カレッジ・ロンドン(University College London / UCL)」で講師を務めるキュレーター、美術史家、学者のフラヴィア・フリゲリ(Flavia Frigeri)が、これらの作品群を生み出した特定の文化的、政治的背景や文脈を考察した書き下ろしエッセイを寄稿し、同じく洞察に満ちた手引書となっている。

The last book to be published during Jannis Kounellis’ life, this catalogue is a record of the exhibition ‘Jannis Kounellis’, at White Cube Mason’s Yard, London in the autumn of 2016.

Focusing on Kounellis’ very first works, the ‘Alfabeto’ series, the exhibition included both works on paper and paintings. The selection was one of the most in-depth presentations to date of this historical body of work, offering a review of Kounellis’ artistic development through a reconsideration of these early masterpieces.

Alongside reproductions of the works, installation photography showing the staggered hang conceived in collaboration with the artist as well as archival photographs, is an essay by the acclaimed Italian art historian, critic and curator, Germano Celant, who coined the term ‘Arte Povera’ in 1967 and wrote many of the key texts on the subject. A newly commissioned essay by curator and academic Flavia Frigeri, provides an equally insightful companion text that considers the specific cultural and political context that gave rise to these works.

Contributors: Germano Celant, renowned art historian and theoretician, was internationally acknowledged for his theories on Arte Povera. The author of more than one hundred publications he curated hundreds of exhibitions in the most prominent international museums and institutions worldwide. Flavia Frigeri is a Teaching Fellow in the History of Art department at University College London. Between 2011 and 2016 she was a Curator of International Art at Tate Modern, London.

by Jannis Kounellis

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172 pages
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