SPBH BOOK CLUB VOL.V by Esther Teichmann

ロンドンを拠点とするアメリカ人アーティスト、エスター・タイクマン(Esther Teichmann)の作品集。美術史上の古典的な女性像を参考にしながら、破壊的かつ挑発的な方法で、伝統的な女性のピクトリアリスム写真を呼び戻そうとしている。恋人、母、自慰、セックス。女性であること、女性への思慕が入り込んだ複雑な形が現れてくる。ページ上で写真がコラージュ的に貼られたり、ハンドプリントしたサイアノタイプ(青写真)で11点制作されたカバーなど、物質感にも溢れる1冊。

In Volume V of SPBH Book Club, Esther Teichmann presents a rarefied and ambiguous exploration of female pleasure. Backdrops and shells, sculptures and the sea, the imagined and the painted, the real and the staged - it all appears in Teichmann's chimerical paradise. By referencing classical representations of women in the history of art, most often in the hands of and for the consumption of men, Teichmann reclaims the traditional pictorialism of femininity in a subversive and provocative manner. All of the complex forms of womanhood and yearning emerge - the lover, the mother, self pleasure, sensuous pleasure and the women appear as characters, specters and statues as flesh turns to stone and back again. With a layered mix of photographs - some of which are collaged on the book pages - and an original, handprinted cyanotype on the front cover, the book is an object of tactility and longing.

by Esther Teichmann

REGULAR PRICE ¥9,900  (tax incl.)

60 pages
200 x 150 mm
limited edition of 500 copies

published by SPBH EDITIONS