I AM AN ARTIST by Rose Blake, Doro Globus

ロンドンを拠点とするイギリス人イラストレーターのローズ・ブレイク(Rose Blake)とイギリス人作家のドロ・グローバス(Doro Globus)による4〜8歳の児童向けの絵本。

好評を博した『MAKING A GREAT EXHIBITION』の二人が再びタッグを組んで可愛い読者に見せるのは、アーティストたちの様々な仕事のやり方や、芸術を生み出す理由にまつわるエキサイティングな洞察である。子供向けではあるが、どの年齢層にとっても魅力的に感じるこの遊び心溢れる本は、「アーティストとは?」「どうしてアートを作るの?」「どんな材料を使うの?」「どんな道具を使うの?」「作品はどんな形をしているの?」という問いを投げかける。



A follow-up book to the popular Making a Great Exhibition, I Am an Artist offers young readers exciting insights into the many ways artists work and the reasons why they make art.
Geared to children ages 4 to 8, but with appeal for all ages, this colorful and playful book asks: Who are artists? Why do they make art? What materials do they use? What tools do they work with? What forms do their artworks take?

Structured around a tour of an artists’ studio complex, the book introduces readers to street artists, ceramicists, conceptual artists, textile artists, photographers, glassblowers, and more! The artists share their working spaces and their techniques while explaining why they make art.

Rose and Doro’s first publication, Making a Great Exhibition, published in 2021, was acclaimed by The New York Times for “demystifying the art world and making it accessible to budding young artists,” and lauded by the renowned author and illustrator Oliver Jeffers, who wrote, “If this book helps shed light to just one kid that [art] is a viable career option, then it has done its job, as art is indescribably important!”

Now Rose and Doro have teamed up for a second time to bring their experiences with and love for the world of art to a young audience.

by Doro Globus , Rose Blake

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40 pages
229 x 273 mm