FAMILY DIARY by Issei Suda

日本人写真家、須田一政の作品集。1991年から1992年の間、作者は世界で最も小さいカメラの一つ、ミノックスの小型カメラで強引に撮影を行った。あまりに小さいそのカメラは、戦時中にスパイなどの諜報活動でよく用いられていたという。作者はそのレンズを自分の家族へと向け、共に暮らす自身の娘と妻、そして犬との日常生活をユーモアたっぷりに記録した。本作のタイトル『Family Diary』は作者が名付けたものであり、作品集化されるのは初めてとなる。

Between 1991 and 1992, Issei Suda shot compulsively with a Minox camera, which is one of the smallest cameras there is. It is actually so small that it was commonly used for intelligence activities during the war. Issei Suda turned his lens towards the intimacy of his own home, documenting with a great sense of humour the daily life he shared with his daughter, wife and dog. The photographs presented in this book « Family Diary » — a title that Suda chose himself in the 1990s —, have never been published in book form before.

by Issei Suda

REGULAR PRICE ¥6,600  (tax incl.)

176 pages
230 x 150 mm
black and white

published by CHOSE COMMUNE