アメリカ人ビジュアルアーティスト、ジョー・アン・カリス(Jo Ann Callis)の作品集。アメリカの出版社「NAZRAELI PRESS」が手がけるプリント付き作品集シリーズ『ONE PICTURE BOOK TWO』の第30巻。

全100タイトルをもって完結した『ONE PICTURE BOOK』のアップグレード版である本シリーズ『ONE PICTURE BOOK TWO』は、装丁、サイズともにリニューアル。各タイトル500部限定発行、約127x178mm(約5x7インチ)のサイン入りプリントが付属し、前作と同様100タイトルで完結予定。

1976年に制作された本作『Black Sun』は、眩しい太陽の下、プールサイドでくつろぐシルエットに近い身体の9枚のイメージで構成されている。この作品は、作者が「フィルム・ノワール」の影に惹かれたことに対して制作された。しかし、作品が進むにつれて、作者は一面的な影に限界を感じ、人物の細部をかすかに見えるようにした。

熱くて硬いセメントの上に横たわるのは、何か魅力的でした。照明は自然光で、表情豊かではありませんでした。白セメントに明るい日差しが入るだけで、私の好みに合った不快感がある。暗くて落ち着かない照明が、明るくて落ち着かない照明に変わった。」- ジョー・アン・カリス

Jo Ann Callis created her “Black Sun” photographs in 1976. Comprising 9 images of bodies in near-silhouette lounging poolside under a glaring sun, the work was made in part as a response to the artist’s attraction to film noir shadows. However, as the work progressed, Callis found the one-dimensionality of the shadows limiting; she therefore allowed faint details in the figures to remain visible. The artist later wrote, “Something about lying on hot hard cement was appealing; the lighting is natural and not made to look expressive. Just bright sunlight on white cement gave enough discomfort to suit my taste. Now dark and unsettling lighting went to light and unsettling.

Jo Ann Callis was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and relocated to Los Angeles in 1961. She enrolled at UCLA in 1970 where she began taking classes with Robert Heinecken, among other prominent artists. She started teaching at CalArts in 1976 and remains a faculty member of the School of Art’s Program in Photography and Media. She has continued to photograph, draw, and paint, and her work has been widely exhibited in such venues as the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Hammer Museum; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and many others.

In 2009 a retrospective of her work, Woman Twirling, was presented by the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles. Callis has received three NEA Fellowships and a Guggenheim Fellowship, among other awards and prizes.

Black Sun is limited to 500 numbered copies, each including a 5x7 inch original print that has been signed by the artist.

One Picture Book Two: an upgraded, upscaled follow-up to NAZRAELI PRESS' much-loved One Picture Book series of artists’ books. Each title is limited to 500 numbered copies, and includes a removable, signed, original print measuring approximately 5x7 inches. The books are slightly larger than those in the original series, with a fresh design and upgraded materials.

by Jo Ann Callis

REGULAR PRICE ¥9,350  (tax incl.)

including a print signed by Jo Ann Callis
print: 127 x 178 mm

16 pages
152 x 216 mm
black and white
limited edition of 500 copies


published by NAZRAELI PRESS