TARA by Zoë Law

ロンドンを拠点に活動するフォトグラファー、ゾーイ・ロウ(Zoë Law)の作品集。スタイリストであり、アンチファッションのアイコン的存在、またコリーヌ・デイ(Corinne Day)の親友かつミューズであった、タラ・セント・ヒル(Tara St Hill)を撮影した一冊。2020年には、3月から5月までロンドンの「ナショナル・ポートレート・ギャラリー(National Portrait Gallery)」で個展を開催している。



ドイツ人フォトグラファーであるNOKIによる序文、ファッションキュレーターのショナ・マーシャル(Shonagh Marshall)によるタラのインタビューを掲載。

TARA by Zoë Law. The book's subject is the stylist and iconic anti-fashion figure, Tara St Hill. Tara is known as the best friend and muse of Corinne Day and featured heavily in Day's 2000 book Diary. Zoë Law is a photographer based in London with an exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery opening in March 2024.

Zoë and Tara have known each other since they were four years old. For the TARA book, they returned to the traveller site in Southern England where Tara used to live and her chosen family still reside now. Zoë photographed the site as well as her subject: the place and the person being one and the same. Tara styled herself in fashions from outlier brands and makers that she has supported and who have supported her over many years.

Shot in 24 hours, the book is a life in a day of Tara St Hill.

Designed by Lorna Allan, the book carries a foreword by NOKI and a full interview with Tara by Shonagh Marshall from which these quotes of Tara's are taken:

Tara: I used to live there in the mid-2000s. It’s my friend Sam’s land – he’s from Mutoid Waste Company. It’s home for me, a place I’m happy in. My chosen family still lives there, so it was the perfect place to do this. The community are New Age travellers. My partner’s been on the road since the eighties, and we all met through the party scene doing free raves in the late eighties and the early nineties and became a dysfunctional family.

I had a friend called Sarah Scania. She was a traveller, and I always saw her help people; she was a fucking sweetheart – she died during the COVID lockdown. I based myself on her; she was the best person I had ever met. It doesn’t take much to tell someone they’re great and they can do anything; the rest is up to them. But if you give them confidence and believe in them, it’s amazing what people can do

This project has been a breath of fresh air – to do it how we used to: carry a bag full of clothes, be free, design and create something magical in the moment. We don’t often have that luxury in fashion now.

by Zoë Law

REGULAR PRICE ¥11,000  (tax incl.)

136 pages
235 x 297 mm
black and white
edition of 500 copies

published by IDEA