CARMIN PROFOND by Pierre Escot

フランス人の作家、詩人、写真家、ビジュアルアーティスト、ピエール・エスコ(Pierre Escot)の作品集。


The transposition of an exhibition into a book format, spatialising concrete poetry on the page (artist's book).

Carmin Profond is the transposition of an exhibition into the format of a book. However, it is not a catalog: the work is designed as an autonomous object. Carmin Profond recomposes, through words, paintings of color.
Printing in black on a white background brings out, through a play of spatialization, shapes and rhythms on the page.
In a connection with concrete and spatial poetry, graphics and text combine through a series of abstract representations.
A work which reveals the density of matter and color in the relationship between empty and full spaces. Artist's book.

by Pierre Escot


156 pages
210 x 297 mm
black and white
limited edition of 300 copies

published by VROUM