A STORM WARNING by Mamma Andersson

スカンジナビア現代美術の先駆者として知られるスウェーデン出身アーティスト、マンマ・アンダーソン(Mamma Andersson)の作品集。2020年から2021年にかけて描かれた作品を収録。自然の美しさと神秘、そして時間の除去に焦点を当てている。

パリのギャラリー「David Zwirner」で2023年10月から11月に開催された新作絵画の展覧会「Mamma Andersson: Adieu Maria Magdalena」に伴い、作品集『SLEEPLESS』とともに刊行された。展覧会はスウェーデンの「マルメ美術館(Malmö Konstmuseum, Sweden)」、オランダの「ミュージアム・モア(Museum MORE)」で2023年から2024年にかけて巡回する。

This collection of Mamma Andersson’s latest paintings spotlights the beauty and mystery of nature and the erasure of time

"What Mamma Andersson does in some of these pictures is on the one hand depict the illusions, the one thing which is another thing—masks, theater, statues, paintings—and on the other portray that which is only itself, potted plants, tree trunks, trees, landscapes. Everything is motionless, these rooms are located out of time." —Karl Ove Knausgaard, Mamma Andersson: A Storm Warning

In a series of oneiric paintings inspired by interiors and the landscape of her childhood, the Swedish painter Mamma Andersson muses on the line between reality and illusion. She introduces thoughtful warm hues into an otherwise cool, muted color palette, lending an otherworldly feeling to the everyday scenes and subject matter that populate this new body of work, painted between 2020 and 2021.

A companion to Sleepless and The Lost Paradise, this publication features a commissioned essay by Karl Ove Knausgaard, a meditation on childhood memories of carefree exploration and the portal art creates between the world we live in and the worlds Andersson conjures with her brush.

by Mamma Andersson

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56 pages
235 x 300 mm