WHAT SHE SAID TOTE BAG by Deanna Templeton [SALE]

アメリカ人フォトグラファーのディアナ・テンプルトン(Deanna Templeton)の作品集『WHAT SHE SAID』よりインスピレーションを受けて製作された、イギリスの出版社「MACK」によるオリジナルトートバッグ。

記事:普遍的な〈少女時代〉を捉えるディアナ・テンプルトンのポートレート(i-D JAPAN)


A limited edition tote bag inspired by a book WHAT SHE SAID by Deanna Templeton.

This product is mainly due to damage during shipping or import. Please refer to each product page for details on condition and damages. Please note that we cannot accept any returns or exchanges.

'What She Said' by Deanna Templeton by MACK

by Deanna Templeton

SALE PRICE ¥1,100  (tax incl.) REGULAR PRICE ¥2,200

100% cotton
body: 420 x 380 x 100 mm
handle: 25 x 655 mm

CONDITION:C (汚れ / grubby in a cover)

published by MACK