OUT OF YOU by Hart+Lëshkina [SALE / CONDITION: A]




インタビュー:These photos bridge the fleeting gap between childhood and being a teen(DAZED / 英文)

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Hart Lëshkina's monograph OUT OF YOU explores themes of self-representation and construction of identity, subjectivity and memory. The book depicts and identity in constant flux at the time of transition between childhood and adolescence, rendering the moment when self discovery intersects with a new awareness of being observed by others. The chronology of the photographs is disrupted, each image an isolated moment, as that in the mind of an individual recalling fragmented childhood memories. Even though these photographs have been created over a short period of time the girl transforms before our eyes appearing to be a young child on one page, then a teen on the next. Whats revealed to the viewer is something internal to themselves that maps onto their own personal psyche and memories.

Changing, she’s changing
Making herself split
Burning at the edges
Staring at the shift

Interview: These photos bridge the fleeting gap between childhood and being a teen(DAZED)

by Hart+Lëshkina

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