KUMO / 雲 by Osamu Yokonami [SALE]



The clouds serve as a common denominator in Osamu Yokonami’s (b. 1967, Japanese) continued exploration of youth, collectivity and anonymity. The utopian settings in Kumo depict an analogy of the cultural homogenization of society’s interconnecting networks; the social system―as a visual metaphor, the strength of a group can overcome individual actions. Shooting locations include Tateyama, Mount Fuji, Miura, Numazu―all in Japan.

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by Osamu Yokonami

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52 pages
245 x 300 mm
limited edition of 1,000 copies

CONDITION:A (サンプル使用のための開封 / ほぼ美本 / open for sample, good condition)

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