HIBI by Masahisa Fukase [SALE]



Hibi literally comprises a series of street photographs by renowned Japanese photographer Masahisa Fukase. Each of the black and white images painstakingly attend to the road’s surface – the worn road-markings, the fading lines and arrows eroded by the city’s innumerable inhabitants, a web of fissures in the asphalt. In 1992, Fukase printed and painted the works for a solo exhibition, 'Private Scenes ‘92', held at Nikon Salon in Tokyo. He overlaid a set of bromide prints with fluid drawings in brightly coloured inks and on every image the physical presence of the artist is traced, a shadow-presence which seems to offer a reading, an interpretation but one that can never be fully resolved.

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by Masahisa Fukase

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240 pages
160 x 260 mm

CONDITION:D (背剥がれ / 壊れ / broken and peeled spine)

published by MACK