8 WOMEN by Collier Schorr [SALE]

アメリカ人フォトグラファー、コリエ・ショア(Collier Schorr)の作品集。「アプロプリエーション(盗用)」という既存のイメージを自作のなかに取り込む技法を用いて、90年代半ばから現在までに撮影してきた自身のファッションフォトを活用し制作された作品を収録。本作を通じて著者(オリジナル)と欲望(サンプリング)の問題に取り組むと共に、女性描写に対する議論に、女性側の視点を導入させた作品となっており、モデルやミュージシャン、アーティストなどパフォーマンスに携わる全ての人の様々なテーマを提議している。Richard Princeによる序文つき。


Collier Schorr’s latest book 8 Women presents work which spans from the mid-nineties to the present. Schorr’s earliest works utilised appropriated adverts from fashion magazines to address issues of authorship and desire; the works introduced a female gaze into the debate about female representation. Appropriation was Schorr’s first medium and in some sense she returns to it, taking her own commissioned fashion images and folding them into a dialogue with other works. The works in 8 Women propose a variety of subjects, all of whom are involved in performance, be it as artists, models or musicians. Schorr, who has been working in fashion for the last 10 years, created sets that doubled as her studio, teasing out images that could only be made with a subject that could travel between the object of desire and the enforcer of an identity crafted in that very moment. Working between out-takes and manipulations of tear sheets, Schorr questions who the women that desire to be looked at are, as well as what power exists in acknowledging that as a post-feminist position.

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by Collier Schorr

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72 pages
240 x 310 mm
color, black and white

CONDITION:C (角潰れ・裏表紙シミ / dent in edge, staiin on back cover)

published by MACK